Bay Leaf/Tej Patta/Tamal Patra Benefits for Skin, Health, Hair


Bay leaf spice

Health Benefits of Bay Leaf/Tej Patta/Tamal Patra

1. Aids Digestion

Bay leaf is one of the healthiest herb that help you promote digestion and treat digestive issues like heartburn and flatulence. It also provides relief from digestive disorders like irregular bowel movement, acid reflux and constipation.

2. Balance Blood Sugar level

Bay Leaf/Tej Patta/Tamal Patra  are also the powerful ingredient for maintaining the glucose level in diabetics. Many researches and studies on Bay leaf has also revealed that it reduces the plasma glucose levels and helps to treat diabetes.

3. Treats Cold and Infection

Bay leaf contains many medicinal properties that treat cold and other infections like cough, bronchitis and chest infections.

4. Good for Cardiovascular Health

Bay Leaf/Tej Patta/Tamal Patra is a powerful phytonutrients, which is highly beneficial for improving cardiovascular health and protects against diseases like heart attack and strokes. It also helps in boosting heart health as well as improves the functioning of heart.

5. Prevent Cancer

Bay leaves are rich in antioxidants and organic compound that help the body to fight free radicals, which in turn prevent the formation of cancerous cell in the body.

6. Heals Wound

Bay leaves are also popular for healing wounds and has been in use for centuries due to its antimicrobial activity that fights against the harmful bacterias like Streptococcus Pyogenes and Candida Albicans that protect and heal wounds.

7. Improves Sleeping Ability

Not many people know this, but the bay leaves contains many calming and soothing properties that help you relax your mind and provide relief from day long tiredness, thus improves your sleeping ability.

8. Cleans Teeth

If you are conscious about your teeth and are looking for a natural way to get the sparkling white teeth, than brushing your teeth with powdered bay leaves can help you do that easily.

9. Treats Kidney Problems

Including bay leaves to your diet are the best way to treat kidney related problems and to get rid of kidney stones.

10. Treatment of Menstrual problems

From treating vaginal discharge to menstrual cramps and bloating, bay leaves are highly effective in treating several types of menstrual problems. When consumed orally, it also induces the normal and regular menstrual cycles.

11. Useful for Preconception Period

Bay leaves work wonders when taken 3 months before and after pregnancy. Due to the rich content of folic acid in bay leaves, it also helps in preventing birth defects in children.

12. Helps in Anxiety and Stress

Bay leaves contain natural soothing qualities, which lowers down the stress level hormones and maintain the level of Oxytocin in the body. Bay leaves are also widely used in aromatherapy due to its ability to provide relief from anxiety and stress.

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