Benefits of Garlic for hair skin and health



Health Benefits of Garlic

These are the top 10 health benefits of Garlic:

1. Maintain the blood pressure level

High blood pressure and hypertension, gives rise to serious health problems like cardiovascular diseases that cause heart attacks and strokes. But garlic is all you need to prevent the occurrence of these problems or to control your blood pressure level.

2. Help you reduce the level of bad cholesterol

Garlic is truly an essential medicine for all those who have high cholesterol as the compound allicin found in Garlic lowers total and LDL Cholesterol is also known as bad cholesterol.

3. Treat Iron deficiency and Anemia

Being a rich source of many useful compounds like Diallyl sulfides that increase the absorption and release of iron in the body and helps to treat several Iron deficiencies like Anemia.

4. Best medicine for a toothache

To cure toothache, take some crushed garlic and put it on the affected tooth, but be careful as it can cause irritation in the gums. Garlic is rich in analgesic and antibacterial properties that make it the best remedy to treat a toothache.

5. Help you lose weight

As per the new research, Garlic balance the formation of fat cells in the body and convert pre-adipocytes into adipocytes (fat cells).

6. Boost your sex life

The aphrodisiac properties of garlic can give your sex life a much-needed boost and can also increase your testosterone level.

7. Prevents multiple types of Cancer

Garlic, being a good source of Vitamin B6 has shown great improvements in treating multiple types of cancers like prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer etc.

8. Prevent the formation of Clots

As garlic contains the compound known as Ajoene, it protects your body from heart ailments and prevents the formation of blood clots in the body.

9. Treat Sore throat and frequent colds

Since Garlic improves the functioning of the immune system, it is highly beneficial to treat a sore throat and frequent colds. Adding garlic to your diet can help you reduce cold by 63% compared with placebo.

10. Help you get rid of Allergies

The antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties of garlic help you combat allergies. It also treats allergic airway inflammation.