Benefits of Neem for hair skin and health




Benefits of Neem for Hair

1. Prevents Hair Fall

Neem is the best medicine to treat excessive hair fall and baldness as it makes the hair stronger and helps your hair to regrow. Use Neem as a hair mask and Neem water to rinse your hair to control hair fall.

2. Treat Dandruff

Neem is a great scalp cleanser due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. It keeps the skin hydrated, eliminates dandruff and is highly effective to treat male-pattern baldness.

3. Treat Scalp related issues

If you are suffering from any kind of scalp infection, then Neem is surely the best remedy to get rid of it. The benefit of using neem hair pack on the scalp is that it retains the moisture in the hair and prevent dryness.

4. Promote Hair Growth

Neem contains regenerative properties that reduce hair fall and also improve the blood circulation level in the scalp that helps hair to regrow.

5. Maintains the health of the Scalp

To strengthen your hair and to get a healthy scalp, take a few drops of Neem Oil and rub it on your scalp. Follow this remedy twice in a week for a month to give a new life to your hair.