Benefits of Walnut for Skin, Hair and Health



5 Benefits of Walnuts For Skin

1. Delays Skin Aging

– Walnuts are packed with Vitamin-B, which makes them extremely beneficial for skin. It is excellent mood and stress manager. In addition, it reduces stress levels, which is again a boon for the skin. Higher stress levels results in onset of wrinkles and induces faster aging. B-vitamins are a natural antioxidant and fight free radicals that cause stress.

2. Moisturize skin-

Regular use of walnut oil reduces dryness in the skin. Additionally, it is excellent for moisturizing skin. Walnut oil provides nourishment by penetrating deep into the skin. It enhances the growth of radiant and healthier cells.

3. No more dark circles-

Regular application of walnut oil lightens the dark circles and acts as a wonderful soothing agent. The oil also eases puffiness. Its amazing properties relax eyes, while retaining its colour and glow.

4. A power food for body-

This is one of the greatest benefits of walnut for skin. Walnuts contain protein that helps the body to repair tissues and produce cells, which further enriches the skin. Adding nuts to your diet will improve the immunity of your body, which further enhances the wound healing power, while reducing the appearance of scars caused due to injury.

5. Treats skin inflammation-

Healthy fats found in walnuts lessen the skin inflammation. The healthy fats also shield the against UV rays.