Benefits of Walnut for Skin, Hair and Health




5 Benefits of Walnuts For Hair

1. Stronger and longer hair-

Walnuts are an excellent sources of omega-3, potassium, omega-9, and omega-6 fatty acids that add to the strength of hair follicles. Regular use of walnut oil leaves hair stronger, longer, glowing, and healthier hair.

2. Prevents Balding-

According to the research, regular use of walnut oil can sort the issue of balding.

3. Natural Anti-Dandruff Agent-

The moisturizing properties of Walnut oil makes it an effective tonic for hair. The oil of this nut is widely used as an anti-dandruff agent.

4. Healthier Scalp-

Regular use of walnut oil ensures scalp hydration. It also eliminates the possibilities of dermatitis. Walnut oil boasts antifungal properties. This means it can be used for prevention and treatment of the infections caused by ringworm.

5. Highlights natural hair colour-

This is another amazing benefits of walnut for hair. Walnut husk is a natural colouring agent that can highlight the natural colour of your hair. In addition, Walnuts also include an assorted protein that help improve the hair colour, makes them healthy and super shiny.


In order to attain maximum benefit of Walnut it is always recommended to consume in its raw and organic form, not pasteurized, or irradiated. Note that these nuts are highly perishable. Hence, it is important to keep extra care in order to protect their healthful fats that can be damaged easily. Avoid buying Walnuts that are smell rancid or appear shrivelled or don’t look fresh. Always store Walnuts in an airtight container. Alternatively, you can refrigerate them. Walnuts also serve as a quick snack. You can also blend them into smoothies to attain the benefit of their healthful properties.