Benefits of Potassium Rich Foods for Health

Benefits Potassium Rich Foods for Health- banana

Benefits Potassium Rich Foods for Health- banana 1

One of the essential nutrients for the Human body is Potassium. It is necessary to maintain electrolyte and fluid balance in the body. Talking about a little bit of chemistry the Potassium, atomic symbol “K” is the 3rd most abundant mineral in the human body. For the healthy and proper functioning of several organs including the kidneys, brain, heart, and muscular tissues this mineral is of high importance. In keeping the body hydrated Potassium also plays an important role. It works with the sodium (Na) to support cellular functions.

Potassium Health Benefits:

Water Balance

In the maintenance of an optimal fluid balance potassium plays a significant role. A proper water balance is must for Different types of cells for the efficient functioning


This mineral is a great electrolyte for the human body. In the regulation of the level of fluids It has been proven very helpful. From the brain and nervous system in the body, these electrolytes help to transmit electrical charges.

Nervous System

To boost the efficiency of nerve reflexes the potassium helps a lot. This helps in muscle contraction without tiring quickly.


low potassium levels commonly cause Muscle cramps. Consumption of potassium rich foods results in improved muscle strength and decreased muscle cramping.

Reduced Risk of Stroke

According to latest studies, it is found that presence of high potassium levels can experience a lower risk of stroke. It further helps in reduction of blood pressure.

Alleviation of Hypertension

Latest Studies successfully proved that a potassium rich diet, especially from fruits and veggies, lowers blood pressure in human bodies.

Reduced Cellulite Appearance

fluid retention is one of the main causative factors of cellulite buildup which occurs when people consume a lot of sodium and not enough potassium in their regular diets. Where Sodium is necessary for bringing the essential nutrients in your cells and potassium is equally required for help flushing the excess waste out of the cells.

Anxiety and Stress

if you are suffering from undesirable mental states like stress and anxiety then Potassium is required to cure it. Potassium is always considered as a strong stress buster.

Heart and Kidney Disorders

for the heart as well as the kidneys potassium plays an irreplaceable role. For the regulation and keeping the kidneys and heart running smoothly, you must consider it in your diet. This mineral also helps in the assistance of kidneys in waste removal i.e. in the process of excretion.

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