Benefits of Potassium Rich Foods for Health

Benefits Potassium Rich Foods for Health- banana

Benefits Potassium Rich Foods for Health- banana

Potassium Rich Foods

Here are the top ten high potassium foods:


Salmon (a type of fish) is one of the best sources of potassium if you are a fan of seafood. For maintaining a healthy heart Salmon is also very beneficial. If you are looking for other seafood as a source of potassium then consider having cod, sardines, and flounder in your menu.


For non-vegetarians there is a variety of sources available to add for a potassium-rich diet as all varieties of meats contain varying amounts of this healthy mineral. Regular consumption of meats like turkey, beef, pork, chicken, bacon etc. can help you to get rid of potassium deficiency.


Love having Omelets or Boiled Eggs for breakfast? If yes then eat well as they contain a small amount of potassium.

Dairy Products

Dairy products are source of potassium too. Especially such as low-fat Dahi is a good source of potassium. A cup of fresh Dahi or yogurt can give you the benefit of potassium as the banana.


In a balanced diet, you are always suggested to add fresh Tomatoes, carrots, and fresh green leafy vegetables. These fresh veggies have valuable amounts of potassium present in them. To get the maximum benefits from these veggies we will advise you to consume them fresh and raw in the form of salads or juices than cooked.


Fresh fruits especially bananas are the best source of potassium. Every age group loves having them and you can have them in different types of shakes, salads and even consume them raw as roughage. These fruits are a good source of dietary fiber and help in muscular contraction too. You can prefer having Kiwis than oranges as they have more vitamins and potassium.


Consumption of tasty nuts like, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, pistachios, almonds, peanuts, peanuts, and dried apricots everyday is right to meet the body needs of potassium. These nuts are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids which help to achieve healthy skin, hair and nails. In morning or evening snacks consider having them to get the maximum health benefits.


Potatoes are often considered as a fat rich diet but it is just a myth as it all depends on the method and amount of consumption of this carbohydrate-rich vegetable. Potatoes also contain potassium in significant amounts which fuel the proper functioning of cells in the body. They are also a good source of fiber when baked and consumed with their skin. We will advise you to Bake them directly on a gas, or oven and add a pinch of salt to enjoy its maximum benefits.


Beans are tasty and also an excellent source of potassium at the same time. White beans contain more with 561mg of this healthy mineral per 100g contain among all the other beans. Lima beans, kidney beans, and pinto beans are some of the other beans which contain potassium.


If you are a vegetarian and a High protein fan then you must have Soy chunks. These are excellent alternatives for vegetarians who don’t prefer eating meat for the nutritional values. They are a good source of potassium and also extremely fibrous. It is advised to all to have plenty of soy-based products like soy milk, tofu , soy sauce, etc. in your daily diet.
A Few Words of Caution: Excess of potassium is not healthy too especially for the patients with kidney issues. This can lead to muscle paralysis, trouble breathing, heart arrhythmia, heart disease, tingling in the hands and feet, and nausea.

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