Benefits of strawberry for skin, hair and health

Benefits of strawberry for skin, hair and health



Benefits of Strawberries for Hair

1. Prevent Hair Fall-

Hair fall is the most common problem that troubles almost everyone. But regular consumption of Strawberries promotes the iron absorption in the body, which in turn help your hair to grow.

2. Fight dandruff-

It might surprise you, but strawberries are the best food to consume to treat dandruff. You can make a paste of strawberries mixed with olive oil and egg yolk and apply it on the scalp. Follow this remedy thrice a week to fight dandruff.

3. Prevent scalp from fungal growth-

Being a rich source of magnesium, strawberries are one of the best remedies that protect the scalp from fungal growth and helps in maintaining the pH level of the scalp.
Strawberries may look small, but their vibrant color and heart shaped appearance already indicates how nutritious, healthy and sumptuous this fruit is, when eaten regularly. You can in fact cook variety of dishes with this powerful ingredient, which include strawberry ice cream, salad, muffins, pie, and the list is endless. These are not just delicious, but also very versatile and can be easily added to your diet in any form. So grow it in your garden or add it to your regular diet- the choice is all yours. Just don’t forget to add it to your regular diet.

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