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Carbohydrates Rich Foods

Foods rich in Carbs

Health Benefits of Carbohydrates

1. Provide Better Cognitive Abilities-

Fat and carbohydrates are not as bad as we think, in fact, carbs are the healthy addition to your diet. Healthy fats are great for boosting brain function and for regulating hormones. Low carb diet can also help you promote more healthy fats in the body.

2. Prevent Metabolic Syndrome and Heart Diseases-

When you consume carbohydrates in the right amount, it helps your body to prevent certain metabolic and heart disease risk factors.

3. Helps in treating Type II Diabetes-

Carbohydrates are very important for preventing the risk of Type II diabetes. Healthy carbs also shows improvement in the dyslipidemia of diabetes as well as metabolic syndrome.

4. Fights Cancer-

Some researches and studies on carbs has shown that low carb diet or healthy carbs prevents the risk of cancer and helps in treating the disease too. So always go for low carb diet in order to protect your body from severe diseases.

5. Aids Better Digestion-

Having a fiber rich diet can also help you prevent digestive disorders like infrequent bowel movements, constipation and indigestion. The carb rich diet also speeds up your digestive process and helps pushing the food along the digestive tract.

6. Control hunger pangs-

When you go for low carb diet, your body controls the hungry hormone called ghrelin that help you prevent your untimely food cravings. But what you need to remember is that overconsumption of carbohydrates also leads to weight gain, so in order to lose weight, you must go for low carb diet.

7. Offers Better Hormone Regulation-

When consumed in the right amount, carbs do wonders in controlling insulin and appetite hormone. Low carb diet also helps in balancing neurotransmitter function in some people, which in turn elevate moods and regulates hormones.

8. Elevates Mood-

Carbohydrates are the best way to elevate the mood. Consumption of Carbohydrates also helps in stimulating the production of serotonin hormone, which promotes the feel good feeling inside the body. Right consumption of carbohydrates also prevents the signs of depression and anxiety and boost the mood by keeping the stress away.

9. Reduce foul breath-

Not many people know this, when you do not consume an adequate amount of carbohydrates, Ketosis is developed due to the production of higher amounts of ketones in the body, which makes your blood more acidic. This in turn causes headache, foul smelling and dry mouth. Whereas sufficient level of carbs regulates the amount of ketones and prevent foul breath.

10. Prevent Blood Clots-

Carbohydrates are a rich source of dietary fiber, which does not only help you lose weight, but also prevents the occurrence of blood clotting. Fiber rich carbohydrate diet also helps you prevent the formation of accumulated fat and cholesterol in the body. So always make sure, you consume adequate amount of carbohydrates in the diet to prevent the formation of blood clots.

11. Beneficial for Athelete-

Carbohydrates possess many such properties that boost endurance, energy levels as well as physical stamina. It is also highly beneficial in stimulating the activity of central nervous system in the brain, which offers better focus and concentration in athletes.

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