Chia Seeds/Sabja Benefits for Skin, Hair, Health


Chai Seeds/Sabja

Chia Seeds/Sabja Benefits for Health

1. Helps you Lose Weight

Chia seeds are the best option to go for if you are trying to get rid of unwanted body weight. Consuming these super seeds also help you get lean and toned muscles as well as help you burn fat naturally.

2. Boost the Energy Level

Whether you want to boost your stamina in the gym or simply have some extra get-up-and-go for your work day, Chia seeds offers you the perfect blend of nutrients to improve your energy level.

3. Strengthen Your Bones

To keep your body fit and healthy, it is really vital to intake adequate amount of calcium, which does not only help you optimize your health but also helps you strengthen your bones.

4. Helps in Muscle Building

If you are vegan or gluten intolerance, then Chia seeds are the best way to provide an adequate amount of protein to the body. This might surprise you, but Chia seeds contain way more protein than the other grains. These seeds are also best to consume to prevent Chhorn’s disease and celiac disease.

5. Promotes Mental Health

Due to its rich Omega-3 content, Chia /Sabja seeds are also known as natural “brain food”, that promotes mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, as well as plays a leading role in improving person’s mood. Chia seeds are also a perfect supplement for improving cognitive abilities of the brain.

6. Alleviates Digestive Health

Being a rich source of fiber, Chia seeds work best for alleviating digestive health. These seeds also contain many properties that make it act as a natural blood sugar balancer and helps in treating many stomach disorders.

7. Treat Diabetes

Rich in alpha-linolenic acid and fiber, Chia seeds can also be used to prevent metabolic disorders like dyslipidemia, and insulin resistance- which are the two factors that cause diabetes.

8. Good for Metabolism

Chia seeds are great for all those people who wants to improve their exercise performance for workouts. You can also consume Chia /Sabja seeds to boost your metabolism and energy level naturally.

9. Prevent Breast and Cervical Cancer

Chia seeds contain alpha- lineic acid (ALA), also known as Omega 3 fatty acids. It also prevents the growth of cancerous cells in both breast and cervical cancers. It also kills cancer cells and protect the body from damages.

10. Provides Dental Health

Chia seeds are overloaded with many essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin A and zinc, which improves the dental health and offer sparkling white teeth.

11. Improve your Heart Health

These healthy seeds also possess ability to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and regulate cholesterol, which in turn provide better cardiovascular health. It also reverses the oxidative stress and prevents atherosclerosis, if consumed on a regular basis.

12. Perfect Mood Booster

Rich in fiber, Chia seeds are a powerful ingredient that improves the colon health, and naturally enhance the mood by regulating the serotonin levels. It also provides relief from depression, anxiety, tiredness and irritability.

13. Fight Constipation

To fight constipation, start by consuming a small amount of Chia seeds and gradually increase the intake. Regular consumption of Chia seeds also promotes optimal stool formation, regulate infrequent bowel movement, prevent abdominal bloating, and diarrhea.

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