Citric Acid Benefits & Uses for Health, Skin, Food, Cleaning, Sideeffects



What is Citric Acid

If you have studied Chemistry in your elementary classes then you probably heard about acid, bases, and salts of different kinds. Citric acid is one such acid but is an organic one. The popular source of Citric acid is citrus fruits. This acid is a component of all aerobic living organisms. Considered as a weak acid due to its high pH, this acid has been consumed as an additive in processed foods from more than century onwards. It is used an emulsifying agent, as a preservative or a sour flavoring because of its excellent preservative properties In most jarred and canned foods you can find citric acid as it useful to prevent botulism. Carl Wilhelm Scheele first isolated this acid from lemon juice in 1784. This doesn’t mean we don’t know about its usage. But this achievement confirmed the nature and properties of this acid. The industrial-scale production of this acid began in the late nineteenth century and for this Italian lemons were used.

Why is Citric Acid essential for the body?

Citric acid is also found in the human body and it is highly important for producing the energy that keeps your body active and healthy for all day long. Citric fruits are tasty and safe for human consumption. Another most important thing about this acid is its antioxidant nature. These antioxidants are necessary for building up the immune system of our body and further help to maintain the pH levels of your digestive system.

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