Flax Seeds/Alsi/Linseeds Benefits for Health Skin, Hair



Flax Seeds/Alsi/Linseeds Benefits for Health

1. Reduces High Cholesterol

According to a research, eating flax seeds daily can significantly reduce the cholesterol level. These Flax seeds contain fiber, omega 3 fatty acids and lignan all these compounds work together to reduce cholesterol.

2. Source of Phytochemicals and Antioxidants

Flax seeds best source of lignan which is an estrogen-like compound that consumes free radicals in the body. Lignans promote fertility and also reduce the chances of the perimenopausal syndrome.

3. Diabetes Controls

According to different studies, it is found that regular consumption of lignan-rich foods by improving insulin sensitivity stabilizes the blood sugar levels.

4. Prevents Cancer

Studies have shown that Flax Seeds/Alsi/Linseeds consumption lower the risk of developing prostate, colon and breast cancer too. The lignans prevent the tumors from forming new blood cells. Flax seeds contain ALA which is an omega 3 fatty acid responsible for inhibition of tumor incidence. For patients having breast cancer, these seeds are highly recommended.

5. Fights Inflammation

The deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids is one of the reasons of inflammation. The Omega 3 fatty acid aids in fighting against inflammation. Flax seeds intake increases the production of two omega 3 fatty acids- docosapentaenoic acid (DPA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). These fatty acids further contribute to health.

6. Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

The consumption of flax seeds can significantly lower high blood pressure as the amino and omega 3 fatty acids present in these seeds will help you. A flax seed rich diet also prevents the hardening of arteries. The alpha linolenic acid present in these flax seeds protects the human blood vessels from inflammatory damage.

7. Improves Digestive Health

Both soluble and insoluble fibers are present in the flax seeds. These fibers improve the movement of food through the intestines and lead to healthy and proper digestion.

8. Reduces Hot Flashes

According to a study, consuming 2 tablespoons of flax seeds could reduce the number of hot flashes by half in women. In the management of premenopausal and post- menopausal symptoms Flax seeds are highly beneficial.

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