Flax Seeds/Alsi/Linseeds Benefits for Health Skin, Hair



Flax Seeds/Alsi/Linseeds Benefits for Skin

1. Skin Friendly Nutrients

Flax Seeds/Alsi/Linseeds and its oil is an important source of skin-friendly nutrients. These nutrients are must required if you are willing to improve the health of the skin. Flax seed oil contains several important properties and hence one of the important ingredients of skin care products such as moisturizers, shower gels, Scrub the and sunscreen.

2. Source of Lignans

Flax Seeds/Alsi/Linseeds contain lignans and omega 3 fatty acids in an ample amount. These compounds are responsible for proper bowel movements and prevent skin diseases. For the proper growth and development of the skin cells, the Omega 3 fatty acids are extremely important.

3. Heals Skin

To increase the speed of healing of wounds omega 3 fatty acids in flax seeds are the best option to go for. High anti-inflammatory properties present in flax seeds further supports fast healing. By regularly consuming flax seeds one can successfully minimize skin rashes, inflammation, irritation and redness.

4. For hydrated and moisturized Skin

Hates dry skin? Don’t worry now you can deal with this situation without spending a hefty amount on cosmetics. Try Flax seeds and feel the hydrated and moisturized as the regular consumption of flax seeds increases natural oil production in the body. It also locks the moisture and prevents skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and other signs of aging. The essential fatty acids in flax seed keep the skin. Regular massage with flax seed oil prevents irritants from entering the pores.

5. Prevents Skin Cancer

Flax seeds consumption is great for the prevention cancer, studies have shown that a diet rich in flax seeds can protect the skin tissues from radiation. It is found by researchers that flax seeds help significantly in reducing the skin damage due to sun exposure. Flax seeds contain antioxidants which attack the free radicals hence prevent skin cancer.

6. Controls Acne

Flaxseeds regulate the production of sebum which is an oily substance mainly produced by the skin glands. Hence you can prevent the onset of acne by consuming or application of Flaxseeds. For best results have 1 to 2 tablespoons of milled flaxseed daily.

7. Natural Scrub

You can prepare a natural scrub at home from flax seeds to exfoliate the skin. Just take some flax seed powder and Mix well with Dahi (or yogurt) and honey. Scrub your skin gently with the prepared mix for at least 10 minutes and then wash off. This scrub will effectively remove the dead skin cells and also rejuvenate them for a silky smooth skin.

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