Glucose Benefits for Hair, Health, Skin

Glucose rich foods

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Benefits of Glucose for Skin

1. Sugar is Natural Humectants

Sugar is the main source of glucose, and if consumed in sufficient amounts, it acts as natural humectants. This means it can draw moisture from the environment and release it on your skin. This ensures proper hydration of your skin, thus keeping it moisturized always.

2. Source of Glycolic Acid

Sugar can act as glycolic acid, thus glucose derived through sugar intake can be used by the body. Glycolic acid is basically an Alpha Hydraulic Acid (AHA), which goes deep in your skin to break the glue bonding the skin cells. This leads to faster growth of new cells, thus leading to fresher looking skin, this is mostly used for curing skin burns.

3. Can Protect Against Sun Burns

Glycolic acid is supposed to be used in very limited amounts when used externally, i.e. through cosmetic products. Many spas and dermatologists use it for skin and hair benefits, it can also be an active ingredient in sun creams.

4. Sugar as Exfoiliant

Instead of benefiting from glucose, you can also benefit from sugar, in its raw form. Sugar is one of the best natural skin exfoliaters, often recommended by experts. Sugar scrubs are very common, and more effective than salt scrubs. A brown sugar scrub is more advisable than granulated sugar scrub.

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