Long Pepper/Pippali/Piper longum Health benefits & Side Effects

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Long Pepper/Pippali / Piper longum Benefits for Health

1. A Cure for Liver Ailments

A healthy liver is necessary for proper digestion but our wrong eating and drinking habits create a huge problem. The oily fast food or commonly called Junk food releases toxins if not digested properly. They affect the functioning and health of the liver and a proper treatment is required. Long Pepper can help you with this as its consumption has a healing effect on the damaged and overworked human liver. It also helps in the elimination of the toxins produced by such oily fast foods consumption.

2. For Headache

For treating headache you can prepare a home remedy too. Firstly take equal quantities of black pepper, raisin, long pepper, and ginger root and then grind them to a powdered form. Then cook this powdered mix in butter. Then simply strain the prepared mix and give to the patient. Or grind some fresh long pepper adding some water and make a paste. You can apply the paste on forehead.

3. Weight Loss

Excess Body weight is bad and a big reason for many cardiovascular and respiratory problems. Don’t get too excited by consuming these peppers as they will not eat your excessive fat in seconds but surely they will help you with the burning of fatty acids without causing any side effects. Add it to your food to deal with the fatty acids in a healthy, natural and a delicious way.

4. Helpful for Diabetics

Diabetes is definitely a big health issue for the people of almost every age. It is one of the worst diseases which affect the functioning of the whole body. In India, it costs too much to have a proper cure of this disease. Ayurveda has suggested an amazing remedy for this as the ayurvedic and physicians from AYUSH suggests consuming Long Pepper as it aids Insulin production. It further regulates the rate at which glucose is released into the human blood. Its regular consumption is suggested to all type of Diabetes patients.

5. Prevents Bacterial Infections

Bacterial infections can also be prevented and cured by consuming Long pepper. In warm and humid climate especially during rains, Bacterial infections can be a big health issue. These infections include upset stomach, vomiting and can also cause inflammation of sinus cavity. You can easily prevent such un easy problems by an easy solution I.e. by having Long pepper. The medicinal properties of this ayurvedic plant will benefit you.

6. Cures Cough

Long pepper or Pippali consumption is a well known natural remedy for the cure of a cough. We are mentioning here what you should do. To prepare the medicine at home taking 1or 2 grams of long pepper then fry it in fresh desi ghee. Don’t deep fry it. Use only a pinch of ghee to do this. Then let it be cool and swallow it whole. If you are having a sore throat and looking for a home remedy then try by mixing long pepper and honey only and swallow it.

7. Treatment for Indigestion

Indigestion is a very common problem nowadays. We are not claiming the 100% benefit but the long consumers of Long pepper suggest that it is a great remedy. Pippali contains some chemicals which have a soothing effect on the stomach and thus very helpful with the treatment of indigestion. To prevent this problem simply add some long pepper powder in your meal while cooking.

8. Fever

Long pepper is also recommended to reduce fever. Have a warm pepper soup if you are having a fever. This will help bring down body temperature and if you are dealing with a sore throat, it will also handle it. The antiseptic and antibiotic properties of long pepper make it one of the best remedy to deal with such health issues.

9. Toothache

Long pepper is a good remedy to deal with naturally. Make a paste of long pepper adding water and salt in desirable amount. Now simply smear it over the gum area which is having pain and inflammation. Do not disturb it for at least an hour. You will feel the relief.

10. For Insomnia

Insomnia, a well-known sleep disorder can be cured by preparing the following medicine at home using Long pepper as an important ingredient. First take 1-3 gm Long pepper root and Grind it to the powdered form of with sugar. Double amount of jaggery can also be used in place of sugar crystals. Consume this prepared mix twice a day. It will also cure digestion-related disorders.

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