Lotus Seeds/Makhana/Nelumbo Nucifera Benefits for Skin, Hair, Health


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Lotus Seeds/Makhana/Nelumbo NuciferaBenefits for Skin

1. Healing skin conditions

Skin is the largest organ of your body and equally important when compared to other organs present in your body. The lotus seed provides the necessary moisture and hydrates your skin. This property of lotus seeds help to improve skin elasticity and with the skin complexion.

2. Reduce flaky skin

Lotus seeds are an important ingredient many skin care products and treatments as it contains skin friendly properties. Its application stimulates an instant skin hydration. If you are experiencing flaky and dry skin you can use this ingredient to have an envy skin. The lotus seeds are good for fading wrinkles and spots.

3. Anti-aging property

Lotus seed contains L-iso aspartyl methyltransferase. This enzyme is responsible for the ant-aging properties as it helps to repair crushed proteins. These enzymes avoid aging of the skin and further assists to repair and maintenance of the damaged proteins.

4. Prevent inflammation

Studies have shown that lotus seeds contain kaempferol which is a natural flavonoid. This flavonoid prevents inflammation and helps to fix aging tissue.

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