Lotus Seeds/Makhana/Nelumbo Nucifera Benefits for Skin, Hair, Health



Lotus Seeds/Makhana/Nelumbo Nucifera Benefits for Hair

1. Natural Hair Conditioner

Many conditioners and hair products contain Lotus seeds extracts. Application of such hair products conditioner offers you relief from split ends and naturally shiny hair.

2. Adds Volume and Natural Shine

To increase the elasticity, volume and strength of the brittle hair Lotus seeds are highly recommended.

3. Prevents Premature Graying

Try lotus essential oil to prevent Premature Graying of Hair. According to the studies, the Lotus oil stimulates melanin synthesis in gray hair.

Lotus seeds are equally important as the lotus flower and its roots. These seeds are loaded with certain chemical compounds which are necessary for human health, skin, and hair. Using them in a prescribed manner is always beneficial.

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