Nigella Sativa/Kalonji/Black Seed Benefits for Skin, Hair, Health

Nigella sativa


Top Health Benefits of Black Seed/Nigella Sativa/ Black Cumin/Kalonji

Today, seeds are not meant just for birds. Even humans are consuming seeds in copious amounts as they are known to have several health benefits. However, there is one seed that is not so well known, but it packs a lot power, and hence, you cannot afford to keep it out of your daily diet. We are talking about Nigella sativa or the black fennel flower seeds.

Why Consume Nigella Sativa?

Like most other seeds, Nigella sativa, also called black seeds, is a rich source of essential fats, minerals and fibers. It also contains a trace amount of ALA, an Omega-3 essential fatty acid, but you will have to eat a lot of Nigella seeds to ensure your body benefits from it. However, there are several other health benefits of Nigella sativa.

1. Type II Diabetes

Research shows that people with Type II diabetes can benefit from Nigella sativa as it can reduce fasting glucose and also minimize insulin resistance. These black seeds can boost beta-cell function while reducing glycosylated hemoglobin.

2. Helicobacter Pylori

If you have an infection brought on by Helicobacter pylori, you should be eating black seeds. It has the potential to fight the bacteria and ensures the infection clears up.

3. High Blood Pressure

Consuming about 100 to 200 mg of the Nigella sativa extract on a daily basis for about 60 days can have a profound effect on your blood pressure. It can lower it, as long as you mild hypertension.

4. Epilepsy

Black Seed/Nigella Sativa/ Black Cumin/Kalonji is also an anticonvulsant. It can help children diagnosed with epilepsy. Research states that the seeds can reduce seizures in a child.

5. Sore Throat

If your tonsils are inflamed and you are finding it difficult to swallow, just take black seed extract. It can alleviate the pain so that you don’t have to take painkillers. Usually, it works just on infections that are viral in nature.

6. Colon Cancer

Black Seed/Nigella Sativa/ Black Cumin/Kalonji may be effective in suppressing the growth of cancer in the colon. In laboratory tests involving animals, Nigella sativa oil was found to stop the progress of colon cancer.

7. Asthma

One of the primary ingredients in Nigella sativa seeds is thymoquinone. This chemical is known to open air passages when a person suffers from an asthmatic attack. The seed has to be blended and then boiled with water for treating asthmatic attacks.


MRSA or methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a strain of bacterium that is resistant to antibiotics. Hence, it is very difficult to treat this bacterial infection. However, it appears that Nigella sativa is effective against MRSA.

9. Heart Attack

It should not come as a surprise to learn that Nigella sativa seeds can also protect you against heart attacks. Researchers state that this cardiovascular benefit of black seeds is due to high content of thymoquinone.

10. Opiate Addiction

In a study involving addicts, who were habituated to opiates, researchers found that treating these addicts with Nigella sativa helped reduce dependence on the opioid that they were addicted to.

11. Psoriasis

People suffering from psoriasis can apply Nigella sativa oil on their skin. It will help to ease skin conditions and its symptoms – itching, scaling and dry patches.

12. Cervical Cancer

The presence of thymoquinone makes Black Seed/Nigella Sativa/ Black Cumin/Kalonji extremely effective against cervical cancer as it suppresses the growth of cancer cells in the lining of the cervix.

13. Chemical Weapon Injury

When a person suffers chemical weapon injury, they experience a range of issues related to their respiratory system. Wheezing and difficulty in breathing can be minimized with Nigella sativa. The seeds also reduce the need to use drugs to treat the patient.

14. Neurotoxicity Due to Alzheimer’s disease

In diabetic patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, neurotoxicity is a major concern. In lab studies, researchers have found that Nigella seed extracts can prevent neurotoxicity brought on by Alzheimer’s disease in diabetics.

15. Breast Cancer

Once again, thymoquinone in Nigella sativa prevents the progress of breast cancer by destroying cancer cells. However, this has just been proven in lab studies in mice.

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