Nigella Sativa/Kalonji/Black Seed Benefits for Skin, Hair, Health

Nigella sativa

Oats for hair

Benefits of Black Seed/Nigella Sativa/ Black Cumin/Kalonji for Hair

1. Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the problems that annoys many and seems impossible to get rid of. But preventing excessive hair fall is not as difficult as you think. All you need to do is to include Black Seed/Nigella Sativa/ Black Cumin/Kalonji in your diet and get rid of hair fall naturally.

2. Promotes Hair Growth

It is an undeniable fact that we all wish to have a Rapunzel hair and wants our hair to become silky and shiny. But not many people know this, including Nigella Sativa in your diet can help you grow your hair into long lustrous hair.

3. Nourish Your Hair

Nigella Sativa also known as Kalonji is the best way to provide the essential nutrients and minerals to the hair. It keeps the hair nourished and promotes the health of the hair. It also plays a significant role in stimulating hair growth and strengthens the hair, thus result in stronger hair roots.

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