Panch Phoron – Benefits, Uses and How to Select and Store

fennel seeds

fennel seeds

Panch Phoron- The King of all Spices

It is not wrong to say that Indian Kitchen is incomplete without the presence of spices as they plays a crucial role in cuisines. One such important spice is Five spice mix, also known as Panch Phoron in Bengal and Oriya, and can be easily found in East Indian kitchen. The essence of Panch Phoron lies in the name itself. While Panch means five, Phoron refers to spices. Bengali cuisines and the special and unique flavors, they encompass are not only full of scrumptious aroma but are mouth watering as well. Credit goes to one in five blended spices like Panch Phoron which is a typical colorful mixture of five seed spices, namely, green colored fennel seeds, black colored mustard seeds, golden colored fenugreek seeds, buff colored cumin seeds and other black colored Nigella seeds.
The seeds are generally mixed in equal quantity, but it may also vary upon the individual preferences. However, the seeds are not minced but are used as such. To get the ever needed taste and aroma, the seeds is taken and either dry roast in a pan or fried in oil so that the quintessence of the mixed seeds reach directly to the food it is being used for.

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