Panch Phoron – Benefits, Uses and How to Select and Store

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Uses of Panch Phoron

The most important use of Panch Phoron is to make the dish more mouth watering and more delicious. The strong aroma of five mixed spices can elevate your hunger pangs and satisfy your taste buds to another level. Apart from enriching the flavor of the food, it can make it nutritionally rich and loaded. With the high dietary benefits, use of Panch Phoron is not limited to Bengali cuisines only. These days it is being used in other parts of the country as well. It has the power to increase the taste of the food being added to. It is generally used for increasing the taste and savor of chicken, beef and lamb. However, it can also be used in vegetarian dishes, especially in soups and sausages to make them more tempting and alluring.

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