Rock salt/Sendha Namak/Kala namak/Intuppu Benefits for Health,Skin,Hair


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Rock salt/Sendha Namak/Kala namak/Intuppu Benefits for skin

1. Excellent Skin Cleansing properties

Due to the excellent cleansing properties, the grains of Black Salt can cleanse your skin pores easily. It is the best alternative to soap or face wash and makes your skin breathe easily.

2. Cures skin enlargement

Drink fresh juice of a lemon mixed with ginger and Rock salt in the morning and evening on a daily basis. This remedy will help you in the curing of skin enlargement.

3. For Youthful and Glowing skin

Rock salt prevents accumulation of dead skin cells by exfoliating the dead skin cells. These dead cells are responsible for causing a dull, rough and aged skin.

4. For clean and refreshed skin

Rock salt strengthens the skin tissue and makes you look younger and firm. Massaging your skin with a scrub prepared from Rock Salt exfoliates and refines your skin.

5. Body Scrub

Rock salt is rich in minerals and can be used as a body scrub. This can be a perfect substitute of spa standard products and can be easily prepared at home.

Rock Salt is best for human consumption as it not only adds taste to your food but also has a number of skin, hair and health benefits. As the excess of everything is bad, the overconsumption of rock salt is not good for your health as it may increase the blood pressure of your body.

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