Sodium Benefits for Health, Skin and Hair

Sodium Rich Foods

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Health Benefits Of Sodium:

Elimination of Excess Carbon Dioxide:

Carbon dioxide is not good for the functioning of human body. Here Sodium plays an important role in the removal of carbon dioxide which is usually accumulated in the body organs.

Smooth Brain Functioning:

In the improvement of brain functions and development of the brain, Sodium plays an important role. The change of sodium levels in the body is not considered healthy as it affects the brain leading to confusion, lethargy, dizziness, etc.

Maintenance of Glucose Absorption:

Sodium plays an important role in the process of Absorption too. Its absorption in small intestine aids in the absorption of amino acids, chlorides, glucose and especially of water.

Healthy Condition of the Heart:

In the regulation and maintenance of blood pressure of the human body, Sodium plays a vital role. The right amount of consumption helps in maintaining the heart in a healthy condition. Excessive consumption is not good too as a high content can lead to high blood pressure.

Regulation of Fluids:

Sodium in the regular diet helps in the regulation of fluids. To pump fluids into the cells it is highly required. It facilitates the movement of fluids during the process of osmosis.

Maintaining Right Balance of Ions:

Sodium together with sodium and bicarbonate maintains a sound balance between the positively charged ions and the negatively charged ions. Thus, sodium plays an important part in maintaining a charge differential across each cell membrane This enables the nerve cells to send messages and the muscle cells to contract.

The remedy for Sunstroke:

Sunstroke is mainly caused due to loss of water and salt from the body. In the prevention of sunstroke by replacing the loss of essential electrolytes Sodium plays an important role. It is recommended by physicians to drink fluids containing sugar and salt to provide instant relief against sunstroke.

Prevention of Muscle Cramps:

Due to dehydration & electrolyte imbalance Muscle cramps are common in the summer months. The Sodium metal is responsible for hydration and muscle contraction in the body. It is always advised to have Sodium rich juices and other fluids whose consumption help to restore the right amount of electrolyte.

Anti- Aging Property:

Because of the ability to fight the radicals Sodium are an important component in anti-aging and various types of skin creams. It effectively controls the aging process and further helps in maintaining a healthy and youthful skin.

Benefits of Sodium Chloride:

Sodium chloride commonly known as Rock Salt or Table salt is highly beneficial for the teeth. It recommended by dentists for polished teeth, reducing odor and cleaning or deodorizing the teeth and mouth. It is best for oral care.

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