18 Foods to include in your Gout Diet

Gout diet

Vegetable juice gout

Vegetable juices

A mixture vegetable juices like Carrot juice, beet and cucumber juice is said to be very effective in treating gout.Just mix 100 ml each of beet juice and cucumber juice with 300 ml of carrot juice and have it once daily.

Foods rich in Vit C

Make sure to Include vitamin C rich foods in your gout diet to reduce uric acid in the body. Vitamin C works to disintegrate uric acid and gets rid of it out of the body through urine. Awla, guava, kiwi, sweet lime, oranges, capsicum, lemon, tomato and green leafy vegetables are all good sources of Vitamin C..

High-fibre foods

As per research eating foods that are high in dietary fibre help to lower uric acid levels in the blood stream. Dietary fibre works to absorb the uric acid in your bloodstream, and eliminates it from your body. Eat foods that are rich in dietary soluble fibers such as Isabgol, Oats, Broccoli , apples, oranges, pears, strawberries, blueberries, cucumbers, celery, and carrots to lower the uric acid in the blood.

Green tea

Drinking a cup of green tea daily helps to control hyperuricemia and lowers your risk of developing gout.

Alkaline Grains

Include grains such as jowar and bajra in your gout diet as they are more alkaline and help to lower the uric acid levels in the blood stream.

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