18 Foods to include in your Gout Diet

Gout diet


Tomatoes, broccoli, and cucumbers

These are some of the most healthiest vegetables that you must include in your diet. For ages Tomatoes have been used as a home remedy to lower uric acid and treat gout. Fresh tomatoes are alkaline by nature and it increases the alkalinity of the blood when consumed.

Dark chocolate , cocoa

Dark chocolate which has 35% cocoa content is considered to be ideal to reduce uric acid in people suffering from gout. Cocoa is loaded with theobromine which is an alkaloid. Theobromine helps to improve blood circulation. Which in turn, helps to dissolve and process more amount of uric acid.

Omega 3

Omega 3 is an essential fat which is obtained from eating flaxseeds, walnuts, fishes like salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines and is known to reduce inflammation and swelling. Hence it helps to reduce the inflammation and pain caused by gout.

Olive oil

Using cold-pressed olive oil for cooking and baking is considered to be very healthy. Olive oil is said to have anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which help in lowering pain and inflammation caused by gout.

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