Cloves (Laung) : Benefits for Health, Skin, Hair



The Major Health Benefits of Cloves ( Laung ) for Skin, Hair and Body

Cloves, also known as ‘Laung’ in Hindi, is an herb that possesses a sweet yet spicy fragrance. It is truly one of nature’s most precious resource derived from an evergreen tree, which is rich in many beneficial vitamins and minerals like iron, potassium, calcium as well as Vitamin A and C. Though the health benefits of Clove are well documented, this herb is also worldwide known for its healing and restoring powers.

Another big advantage of using cloves in your daily life is that it naturally boosts your antioxidant level, provide relief from toothache, and is nature’s strongest immune system booster. It is also a powerful antibiotic which aids digestion and improve the overall health. Cloves are a great remedy to improve your physical, mental as well as emotional health.
Below we are listing some of the amazing and mind blowing health benefits of including Cloves to your daily life:

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